Welcome to Summer School!

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 Online application opens February 3, 2014.
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Registration Begins March 24, 2014

Maymester:  May 13- May 30, 2014

First Session:  May 13 – June 17, 2014

Second Session:  June 19 –  July 25, 2014


Students attend Summer School at UNC-Chapel Hill to meet their academic requirements and to take courses for personal enrichment. Through its three-week format, Maymester offers courses with academic rigor as well as some travel not possible in the academic year. Through courses in two five-week sessions, students can also satisfy General Education criteria, meet requirements for their majors, or take a course that was closed out in fall or spring. Visiting students can take courses for credit to transfer to their home institutions, to meet professional certification requirements, or to satisfy personal curiosity.