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Contact Summer School

Please call Summer School at 919-966-4364 if you have any questions or write us at

Summer School Personnel

Title & Department Name
Interim Dean Sherry Salyer
Director of Administration
(Budget and Payroll)
Michael Smith
Director of Admissions
(Admissions, Faculty Nominations & Registration)
Erin Moseley
Administrative Assistant
(Records, Registration, Website & Assistant to the Dean)
Valencia Flowers
Public Communications Specialist
(Social Media, Public Correspondence)

Useful Contacts

Department Number Building/Address
Academic Advising 919-966-5116 Steele Building
Campus Health Services 919-966-2281 James A. Taylor Bldg
Cashier’s Office/Student Account Services 919-962-1368 SASB North, 450 Ridge Road
Graduate School 919-966-2611 200 Bynum Hall
Housing & Residential Education 919-962-5401 SASB North, 450 Ridge Road
One Card Office 919-962-8024 Daniels Bldg./Student Stores
Part-time Classroom and Continuing Studies  919-962-1134 Friday Center
Police (Campus) 919-966-2611 200 Bynum Hall
Summer School Office 919-966-4364 (134 East Franklin Street, 2nd Floor) 134 East Franklin Street, 2nd Floor
Textbooks 919-962-5024 (Student Stores, 207 South Road) Student Stores, 207 South Road
Transportation & Parking 919-962-3951 (Public Safety Bldg., 285 Manning Drive) Public Safety Bldg., 285 Manning Drive
Undergraduate Admissions 919-966-3621 (Jackson Hall – 153A Country Club Road) Jackson Hall – 153A Country Club Road
University Operator 919-962-2211
University Registrar 919-962-3954 (SASB North, 450 Ridge Road) SASB North, 450 Ridge Road