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LING 202 Linguistic Variation and Language Change (3). Prerequisite, LING 101. Introduction to the analysis and description of language change, relationships among languages, and types of linguistic structure. Students may not receive credit for both LING 202 and LING 525.

LING 305 Race Against Time: Language Revitalization (3). Prerequisite, LING 101. Students are introduced to the causes and contexts of language endangerment and the complex process of language revitalization.  Topics to be covered include assessment of endangerment level, language and thought, language attitudes, bilingual education, and language planning.  We will also consider a number of case studies of endangered languages. Students in the course will have travel to Cherokee May 31-June 2. Program fee of $250. For more information, email instructor Misha Becker at mbecker@email.unc.edu.

LING 377 Grammatical Structure of Spanish (SPAN 377) (3). MAYMESTER. Prerequisites, SPAN 300 or 326, and 376 (or permission of the instructor). Introduction to the linguistic study of meaning, grammatical form, and dialectal and sociolinguistic variation, with a particular focus on modern Spanish and the languages of Spain and Latin America.


LING 101 Introduction to Language (3). Introduction to the formal analysis of human language, including sounds, words, sentences, and language meaning, plus child language acquisition, language change over time, social attitudes toward language, and similarities and differences among languages.  Other topics may include writing systems, animal communication, and language analysis by computers.

LING 145 Language and Communication (PHIL 145) (3). An examination of the differences between natural human languages and other communication systems. Includes a philosophical inquiry into how languages relate to the world and the mind.