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COMP 110 Introduction to Programming (3). Introduction to computer use. Approaches to problem solving; algorithms and their design; fundamental programming skills. Students can receive credit for only one of COMP 110, 116, or 121.

COMP 116 Introduction to Scientific Programming (3). Prerequisite, MATH 231. An introduction to programming for computationally oriented scientists. Fundamental programming skills, using MATLAB and another imperative programming language (such as C). Problem analysis and algorithm design, with examples drawn from simple numerical and discrete problems. Students can receive credit for only one of COMP 110, 116, or 121.

COMP 283 Discrete Structures (3). Prerequisites:  MATH 231 or 241.  Introduces discrete structures (sets, tuples, relations, functions, graphs, trees) and the formal mathematics (logic, proof, induction) used to establish their properties and those of algorithms that work with them.  Develops problem-solving skills through puzzles and applications central to computer science.

COMP 892 Practicum (0.5). Permission of the instructor. Work experience in an area of computer science relevant to the student’s research interests and pre-approved by the instructor. The grade, pass or fail only, will depend on a written report by the student and on a written evaluation by the employer.

COMP 993 Master’s Thesis (3–6). Permission of the department.

COMP 994 Doctoral Dissertation (3–9). Permission of the department.


No course offerings.