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155 Hamilton Hall, CB# 3210
(919) 962-1007

First Session, 2020

SOCI 101 Sociological Perspectives (3)

Introduction to sociology as a discipline that includes study of differences and equality, social structure and institutions, culture, social change, individuals and populations, and social psychology.

SOCI 122 Race and Ethnic Relations (3)

MAYMESTER. Examination of domination and subordination in general and in specific institutional areas (e.g., economy, polity) along racial and ethnic lines. Causes of changes in the levels of inequality and stratification are also studied.

SOCI 124 Sex and Gender in Society (3)

Examination of the social differentiation between men and women. Attention to the extent, causes, and consequences of sexual inequality and to changes in sex roles and their impact on interpersonal relations.

SOCI 250 Sociological Theory (3)

Required of sociology majors. A study of theoretical perspectives in sociology, their relation to contemporary social issues, and their roots in classical social thought. Students may not receive credit for both SOCI 250 and SOCI 253.

SOCI 412 Social Stratification (MNGT 412) (3)

Analysis of social structure and stratification in terms of class, status, prestige, and rank.  Attention to social roles of elites, professionals, the middle class, and the working class and to comparative topics.

Second Session, 2020

SOCI 427 The Labor Force (MNGT 427) (3)

Supply and characteristics of labor and of jobs, including industrial and occupational changes, education and mobility of labor, and changing demography of the workforce.

SOCI 444 Race, Class, and Gender (WGST 444) (3)

Conceptualizations of gender, race, and class and how, separately and in combination, they are interpreted by the wider society.  Emphasis on how black and working-class women make sense of their experiences at work and within the family.