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First Session, 2022

HIST 107 Medieval History (3)

ONLINE. A survey of Western Europe and the Mediterranean World, 300-1500

HIST 127 American History to 1865 (3)

ONLINE. A survey of various aspects of American development during the colonial, revolutionary, and national periods, with stress upon major themes and interpretations.

HIST 145 Latin American Indigenous Peoples (3)

This course surveys the history of Latin American indigenous peoples from the conquest to the present. Focus is on indigenous struggles and survival strategies.

HIST 153 From the Bible to Broadway: Jewish History to Modern Times (3)

This class surveys the history of the Jews from ancient to modern times. It focuses on the development of Jewish religion, culture identity, and politics in Jewish communities in the Western, Atlantic and Middle Eastern worlds. It also explores the development of antisemitism and anti-Jewish violence.

HIST 245 The US and the Cold War: Origins, Development, Legacy (3)

MAYMESTER. ONLINE. This is both a wide-ranging and detailed course that looks at the origins, the evolution, and the termination of the Cold War from 1945 to 1989/90. It also considers the “New Cold War” with Russia that developed in 2014. The course is based on an international and multinational perspective.

HIST 248 Guerillas and Counterinsurgencies in Latin America (PWAD 248) (3)

MAYMESTER. This course examines the leftist guerrilla movements that swept Latin America and the Caribbean during the latter half of the 20th century. Students will analyze the origins, trajectories, and legacies of these insurgencies, paying particular attention to the roles of race, class, and gender.

HIST 277 The Conflict over Israel/Palestine (ASIA 277, PWAD 277) (3)

ONLINE. Explores the conflict over Palestine during the last 100 years. Surveys the development of competing nationalisms, the contest for resources and political control that led to the partition of the region, the war that established a Jewish state, and the subsequent struggles between conflicting groups for land and independence.

HIST 361 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Histories in the United States (3)

This course investigates the history of people who might today be defined as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) in the United States. Key themes will include identity formation, culture, politics, medical knowledge, discrimination, and community.

Second Session, 2022

HIST 105 Empires in World History (3)

This course explores and compares premodern and/or modern empires on a global scale, inquiring into rulers’ strategies and subject peoples’ experiences. Empires studied will depend on instructor’s area of expertise, but may include Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Incas, West Africans, Mughals, and Ottomans, among others.

HIST 107 Medieval History (3)

ONLINE. A survey of Western Europe and the Mediterranean World, 300-1500

HIST 140 The World Since 1945 (3)

ONLINE. This introduction to the contemporary world examines the Cold War and its international aftermath, decolonization, national development across a variety of cases, and trends in the global economy.

HIST 159 From War to Prosperity: 20th-Century Europe (3)

EVENING. A critical overview of 20th-century European history, with particular attention to the constant ethnic, religious, social, economic, and cultural struggles (including Holocaust, Cold War) in various subunits of the old continent.

HIST 372 History of American Politics, 1932-Present (3)

ONLINE. This course explores the political history of the United States from the New Deal in the 1930s to the present. Topics include the trajectories of liberalism and conservatism and the origins of today’s most protracted political debates – from McCarthyism to 9/11, from Watergate to Obamacare.