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Geological Sciences

107 Mitchell Hall, CB# 3315
(919) 966-4516 (Office) | (919) 962-0679 (Student Services)

First Session, 2024

No course offerings.

Second Session, 2024

EMES 101 Planet Earth (3)

Major geologic events: earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain formation, plate tectonics, and erosion. Landscape development by glaciers, streams and groundwater, ocean currents and waves, wind. Optional laboratory: EMES 101L. PX credit for EMES 101+101L. Course previously offered as GEOL 101.

EMES 101L Planet Earth Laboratory (1)

Study of common minerals and rocks. Use of topographic and geologic maps to illustrate geologic processes. Two laboratory hours a week. Course previously offered as GEOL 101L.