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UNC-Chapel Hill will offer all summer courses in an online format with the exception of courses marked cancelled. Click here for an official statement

City and Regional Planning

110 New East, CB# 3140
(919) 962-4779

First Session, 2020

PLAN 247 Solving Urban Problems (3)

Introduction to methods used for solving urban problems. Covers methods employed in subfields of planning to develop an ability to critically evaluate different techniques and approaches used within these disciplines.

PLAN 375 Real Estate Development (3)

MAYMESTER. Rigorous examination of real estate development from the entrepreneurial and public perspectives.  Emphasis on risk management and the inherent uncertainties of development.  The four dimensions of real estate are addressed: economic/market, legal/institutional, physical, and financial. Previously offered as PLAN 575.

PLAN 590 Special Topics Seminar: Natural Hazards Practicum (3)

MAYMESTER. This class will focus on approaches to natural hazard planning in US metropolitan areas, as well as utilizing the North Carolina region as a site for investigation. This course is aimed at planners who will work for city and regional agencies, consulting firms, and non-profit organizations. ***Canceled***

PLAN 672 Urban Data Analytics in R (3)

ONLINE/IN-PERSON HYBRID. This is a survey course about different techniques used in assembling, managing, analyzing, and predicting using heterogeneous data sets in urban environments. These include point, polygon, raster, vector, text, image, and network data; data sets with high cadence and high spatial resolution; and data sets that are inherently messy and incomplete. The emphasis is on practical urban analytics. This course utilizes computers. On campus meeting are Monday and Thursday 10 a.m.-noon. Online portions include daily and weekly assignments. ***Canceled***

PLAN 704 Theory of Planning I (3)

MAYMESTER. The logic of planning as a professional activity. Critical overview of current process theories leading students to develop a personal philosophy applicable to their work as planners.

PLAN 793 Planning Internship (Var.)

Applied work experience in a professional setting.

Second Session, 2020

PLAN 101 Cities and Urban Life (3)

This course will introduce students to the topic of cities and urban life. Over 80% of the United States’ population lives in cities or their suburbs, and over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Studying cities and urban life is important to understanding how human societies have developed, how our households live and function, how our economies grow and innovate, how our culture develops and influences, and an array of other topics.

PLAN 793 Planning Internship (Var.)

Applied work experience in a professional setting.