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NOTE: Prerequisite courses for all BUSI courses numbered 400-699 are ECON 101 and ECON 310 or 410. A minimum grade of C (not C minus) is required in each prerequisite course.

First Session, 2022

BUSI 401 Management and Corporate Communication (3)

Open to business majors. Writing- and speaking-intensive course that emphasizes professional communication. Provides opportunities to learn and apply the conventions and expectations for standard business documents and presentations. Features strategies for addressing informative, persuasive, and bad-news messages using a variety of media (print documents, electronic messages, and oral presentations).

BUSI 405 Leading and Managing: An Introduction to Organizational Behavior (3)

An introduction to leading and managing in organizations. Examines the impact of individual, group, and organizational factors on organizational performance and employee attitudes. Topics include leadership, perceptions, attitudes, motivation, group development, norms and cohesiveness, empowerment, conflict, negotiations, culture, structure, stress, innovation, and change.

BUSI 406 Marketing (3)

Introduction to marketing with emphasis on the social and economic aspects of distribution, consumer problems, marketing functions and institutions, marketing methods, and policies.

BUSI 407 Financial Accounting (3)

Pre- or corequisite, BUSI 102. Students will acquire the tools to understand and analyze information presented in corporate financial statements. Financial accounting results and projected results are utilized in virtually every segment of the business world. Knowledge of financial accounting and analysis is necessary for managers, investors, bankers, financial analysts, and professional accountants.

BUSI 408 Corporate Finance (3)

Prerequisites, ECON 101, and one of BUSI 101, 102, or 107. Theoretical foundations of optimal financial policy. Problems and cases provide application of theory to financial decisions involving cash flow, capital structure, capital budgeting.

BUSI 410 Business Analytics (3)

Prerequisite, STOR 155. While witnessing an explosion of data, most organizations tend to be awash with data but short on information. This course exposes students to techniques that will help them impact an organization’s strategy, planning, and operations, working on applications spanning a number of fields, including operations management, finance, and marketing.

BUSI 994 Doctoral Dissertation (Var.)

Master of Accounting Program – Registration by non-MAC students is restricted. For further information, please contact Jessica Brinker, Assistant Dean of the Master of Accounting (MAC) Program at

Second Session, 2022

NOTE: Prerequisite courses for all BUSI courses numbered 400-699 are ECON 101 and ECON 310 or 410. A minimum grade of C (not C minus) is required in each prerequisite course.

BUSI 403 Operations Management (3)

Analysis of the operations functions in both manufacturing and service organizations. Formulating operational policies that improve efficiency and support high-level business strategy. Developing remedies that mitigate uncertainty and variability in operational processes.