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Word on the street: How students are staying productive this summer

DTH Photo Illustration. Students are finding a variety of ways to stay productive this summer.
Photo by Adrian Tillman | The Daily Tar Heel — DTH Photo Illustration. Students are finding a variety of ways to stay productive this summer.

By Akash Bhowmik
Originally posted July 13, 2023 | 10:20pm EDT via The Daily Tar Heel

During the summer, UNC students that stay in Chapel Hill have the opportunity to engage with new jobs, internships and coursework.
DTH staff writer Akash Bhowmik asked students on campus how they have been staying productive this summer.

Ben Viljoen, sophomore

“This summer I’ve been taking summer courses. Summer Session I, I took chemistry and my chem lab for 102 and Summer Session II I’m just taking a history class to get a Gen Ed out of the way.”

“I make sure every morning I get up around the same time as my brother at about 8:30, and eat a good breakfast before I head to campus for class. Normally to keep me going through the day, after class I’ll go to the gym or I’ll try to get some sort of exercise by being outside because the weather’s been quite nice recently. I actually work back in Cary, where my family lives, I’m a pharmacy technician. It’s a bit of a drive, but I’ve worked there for about a year, so that’s what I do in my free time as well.”

Jahnavi Hansaria, sophomore

“I’m doing research in a lab, it’s breast cancer research.”

“I’m working out a lot, just exploring Chapel Hill — going on runs, seeing what there is I haven’t seen yet, exploring cafes.”

Benson Wang, first-year

“I’ll be taking three classes as part of Summer Bridge and that is IDST 101, EDUC 330 and ENGL 105.”

“Right now I’m kind of flooded with homework and stuff, but to stay productive I’ve been going to the gym often and I’ve been going to Hooker, just playing a little bit of soccer.”

Sarah Jones, junior

“I’m not taking any classes, but I got my first house apart from on-campus housing, so that’s really fun for me and it’s been a big thing. I’ve mostly been working and have been keeping on top of my clubs and stuff I’m coming back for in the year.”

Meghan Ellenberger, junior

“I’m not taking any classes, so it’s been mostly working full-time so I can be financially able to take more classes in the fall, and maintaining my clubs and doing the work that needs to be done prior to the fall semester for them.”

“I’m recruiting for the UNC women’s rugby club, that’s been a lot of fun. And then I’m the president of Out in STEM here at UNC, so just getting my ducks in a row for that so we can hit it with full force when the semester starts.”

Alex Baptiste, junior

“Mostly, I’m working in the Lysle Lab as a volunteer research assistant and working part-time at a resident senior living center here in Chapel Hill and studying in my free time. So, staying consistent with your scheduling is probably the best way to stay productive.”



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