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Summer School rolls out new web site

Summer School has a new web site that links students directly to the information that they need for the type of student they would be for summer registration: UNC-Chapel Hill, visiting, high school, or incoming first-year or transfer students.

Each student type landing page gives the specific information for applying, if necessary, and resources that will aid in finding courses, registering, paying and attending.

The page design is also streamlined to connect students directly to the campus resources, such as housing or learning center, that can assist them in their specific requests.

“We hope the new design will provide clarity and clear direction to students, staff and faculty,” said Dean Jan Yopp.

Through Summer School, degree-seeking and visiting students can enroll in more than 500 Academic Affairs courses through Maymester and two five-week summer sessions.

To make progress toward their degrees or for personal enrichment, students can select from hundreds of Summer School courses, including research-intensive and research-exposure, experiential education, and travel-based. UNC-Chapel Hill students use summer courses to meet General Education requirements and to complete majors and minors. Depending on the courses, residency status, and program, tuition for students taking summer courses in Academic Affairs can be a 25% or greater savings over academic year tuition.

Students can find out what is going on in summer by following @UNCSummerSchool on Twitter for the locations of free food, concerts and other events. Videos introduce students to courses, faculty and other students.

“Summer School is an integral part of students’ academic success and progress to graduation,” Yopp said. “Courses also offer visiting students content that might not be offered at their home institution or help them earn credits that can be transferred. The diversity of students, programs and course offerings in summer continue to make the campus dynamic even during a time when fewer students are on campus.”

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