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First-Year Seminars 2020

First Session

GEOL 089 First-Year Seminar Special Topics (3)

Special topics course. Content will vary each semester.

MEJO 89 First Year Seminar: Special Topics. Polarized Politics, Fake News and the 2020 Elections (3)

This course offers first-year students an opportunity to explore American public life through the lens of professional journalism. Students will read explanatory journalism, examine what makes information credible or not. By engaging in group discussions and writing their own analyses, they will deepen their understanding of how government and politics play out in states and communities in today’s often-fractious United States. In addition to learning more about journalism and democracy, the course seeks to instill in students a sense of idealism and engaged citizenship.

Second Session

ASIA 65 First-Year Seminar: Philosophy on Bamboo: Rethinking Early Chinese Thought (3)

This course will introduce students to the main works and themes in early Chinese thought from the earliest recorded writings down to the Qin unification in 221 BCE.

PHIL 51 First-Year Seminar: Who Was Socrates? (3)

Socrates is the quintessential philosopher–a man for all seasons, a foundational figure of the West.