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Environment, Ecology, and Energy Program

3301 Venable Hall, CB# 3275
(919) 962-1270

First Session, 2024

ENEC 304 Restoration Ecology (4)

MAYMESTER. Explores ecological theory and its application to the restoration of terrestrial, aquatic, and marine ecosystems. Requires 30 hours of service to a local restoration project in which students will collect ecological data for a final case study project.

Second Session, 2024

ENEC 201 Introduction to Environment and Society (4)

Human-environment interactions are examined through analytical methods from the social sciences, humanities, and sciences. The focus is on the role of social, political, and economic factors in controlling interactions between society and the environment in historical and cultural contexts. Three lecture hours and one recitation hour a week. Honors version available.

ENEC 309 Environmental Values and Valuation (3)

ONLINE. Introduction to the methods for assigning value to aspects of the environment and to interhuman and human-environment interactions. The approach is interdisciplinary, drawing on methods from philosophy, ecology, psychology, aesthetics, economics, religion, etc. Computer equipped with internet access required.