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Environment, Ecology, and Energy Program

3301 Venable Hall, CB# 3275
(919) 962-1270

First Session, 2022

ENEC 264 (GEOG 264) Conservation of Biodiversity in Theory and Practice (3)

MAYMESTER. This course will give students a multidisciplinary introduction to growing field of biodiversity preservation. There is a mandatory week-long trip to Tampa Bay during the second week of the course. There are additional costs to this course estimated at $500 that will cover transportation, lodging, and food during the field trip.

ENEC 307 Energy and Material Flows in the Environment and Society (3)

ONLINE. Examines regional to global scale flow of materials and energy through materials extractions, processing, manufacturing, product use, recycling and disposal, including relevance to policy development. Reviews natural cycles, basic physics, and technology of energy production. Field trips to nearby energy projects will be organized and might require students to be occasionally available outside of regular class times.

ENEC 309 Environmental Values and Valuation (3)

ONLINE. Introduction to the methods for assigning value to aspects of the environment and to interhuman and human-environment interactions. The approach is interdisciplinary, drawing on methods from philosophy, ecology, psychology, aesthetics, economics, religion, etc. Computer equipped with internet access required.

Second Session, 2022

No course offerings.