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Computer Science

Sitterson Hall, CB# 3175
(919) 590-6200

First Session, 2021

COMP 110 Introduction to Programming (3)

An introduction to programming. Fundamental programming skills, typically using Java, JavaScript, or Python. Problem analysis and algorithm design. Students may not receive credit for both COMP 110 and COMP 116. REMOTE ONLY-SYNCHRONOUS.

COMP 116 Introduction to Scientific Programming (3)

Prerequisite: MATH 231 or 241; a grade of C or better is required. An introduction to programming for computationally oriented scientists. Fundamental programming skills, typically using MATLAB or Python. Problem analysis and algorithm design with examples drawn from simple numerical and discrete problems. Students can receive credit for only one of COMP 110 and 116. REMOTE ONLY-SYNCHRONOUS.

COMP 283 Discrete Structures (3)

Prerequisite: MATH 231 or Math 241; a grade of C or better is required. Introduces discrete structures (sets, tuples, relations, functions, graphs, trees) and the formal mathematics (logic, proof, induction) used to establish their properties and those of algorithms that work with them. Develops problem-solving skills through puzzles and applications central to computer science. REMOTE ONLY-SYNCHRONOUS.

COMP 301 Foundations of Programming (3)

Prerequisites, COMP 210; COMP 283 or MATH 381; a grade of C or better is required in both prerequisite courses. Students will learn how to reason about how their code is structured, identify whether a given structure is effective in a given context, and look at ways of organizing units of code that support larger programs. In a nutshell, the primary goal of the course is to equip students with tools and techniques that will help them not only in later courses in the major but also in their careers afterwards. REMOTE ONLY-SYNCHRONOUS.

COMP 992 Master’s (Non-Thesis) (3)

Permission of the instructor.

COMP 994 Doctoral Dissertation (3)

Permission of the instructor.

Second Session, 2021

No course offerings.