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African, African American, and Diaspora Studies

Battle Hall, CB# 3395
(919) 966-5496


AAAD 130 Introduction to African American (3).

The course tracks the contours of history, life, societies, and cultures of the Atlantic African diaspora from their origins through Emancipation in the United States, the Caribbean, and South America.

AAAD 201 The Literature of Africa (3).

MAYMESTER. An introduction to African literature.  In addition to substantive themes, we will identify major stylistic characteristics of modern African literature with particular attention to the ways in which African language, literature, and traditional values have affected modern writing.

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AAAD 231 African American History since 1865 (3).

Special emphasis on post emancipation developments.

AAAD 232/WGST 266 Black Women in America (3).

MAYMESTER. This course examines the experiences of black women in the United States from historical and contemporary perspectives.  Students will gain knowledge of the experiences and challenges faced by black women and develop the skills necessary to analyze black women’s struggles for equality and social justice.  This course will provide students with the conceptual and theoretical tools needed to analyze contemporary gender relations in African-American communities and pressing social issues which have a disproportionate impact on African American women, such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, reproductive rights, and media images.

AAAD 250 Blacks in Film (3).

This course will analyze the role of the African American in motion pictures, explore the development of stereotypical portrayals, and investigate the efforts of African American actors and actresses to overcome these portrayals.

AAAD 405 Contemporary African Art (ARTH 488) (3)

Prerequisite, AAAD 101 or ARTH 152 or 155.  Permission of the instructor of students lacking the prerequisite.  Examines modern and contemporary Art (1940s to the present) for Africans on the continent and abroad.  Examines tradition, cultural heritage, colonialism, postcolonialism, local versus global, nationalism, gender, identity, diaspora.

SWAH 112 Intensive Kiswahili 1-2 (6).

The 112 course covers the material in the SWAH 401 and 402 sequence in a single semester. Students may not receive credit for both SWAH 401 and SWAH 402 or SWAH 112.


No course offerings.