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African, African American, and Diaspora Studies

Battle Hall, CB# 3395
(919) 966-5496

First Session, 2022

AAAD 101 Introduction to African American (3)

Introduction to the study of the African continent, its peoples, history, and contemporary problems of development in a globalized world, including a survey of the African past, society and culture, and contemporary political, economic, and social issues.

AAAD 102 Introduction to Media in Africa (3)

This course explores the precolonial, colonial, and the contempory media in Africa. It focuses on the different types of media, its impact on socioeconomic and political development, and the growth and development of internet in the region. It introduces students to the inventors, copyright regulations, African governments’ media regulation statutes, and careers in the media industry in the continent.

AAAD 130 Introduction to African American (3)

The course tracks the contours of history, life, societies, and cultures of the Atlantic African diaspora from their origins through Emancipation in the United States, the Caribbean, and South America.

AAAD 202 African Film and Performance (3)

This course examines the misrepresentation of Africa and Africans in western colonial films and how African filmmaking and performing have responded to the colonialist narrative.

AAAD 231 African American History since 1865 (3)

Special emphasis on post emancipation developments.

AAAD 288 Black Popular Cultures: Global Scopes (3)

Through profound analysis of key aspects of black popular cultures in their global diversity, this course tackles fundamental questions about the meanings of black identity, identification, and belonging.

SWAH 112 Intensive Kiswahili 1-2 (6) ****Canceled****

The 112 course covers the material in the SWAH 401 and 402 sequence in a single semester. Students may not receive credit for both SWAH 401 and SWAH 402 or SWAH 112.

Second Session, 2022

AAAD 250 Blacks in Film (3)

This course will analyze the role of the African American in motion pictures, explore the development of stereotypical portrayals, and investigate the efforts of African American actors and actresses to overcome these portrayals.