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ARTH 157 Introduction to Latin American Visual Culture (3).  This course examines manifestations of visual culture such as festivals and their related objects, comics, and painting in Latin America according to themes like indigenismo, religion, race, modernism, and identity.

ARTH 279 The Arts in England, 1450-1650 (3).  MAYMESTER.  This course explores the visual culture of England during the reigns of the Tudors and Stuarts.  This will include portraits of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Charles I by artists such as Holbein, Van Dyck, and Rubens, royal palaces, printed books, tomb monuments, heraldry, spectacles, as well as portraits of the middle classes.

ARTH 551 Introduction to Museum Studies (3). MAYMESTER. Introduces careers in museum and other cultural institutions. Readings and interactions with museum professionals expose participants to curation, collection management, conservation, exhibition design, administration, publication, educational programming, and fundraising.


NOTEAll studio classes meet for a double period each day.

Courses listed with Variable credit hours normally carry 3.0.  Additional credit hours can be arranged only with permission of the instructor.

ARTS 213 Ceramic Sculpture I (3). Prerequisite, ARTS 103. Permission of the instructor for students lacking the prerequisite. An investigation of clay as a sculptural medium; developing technical skills, aesthetic awareness, and historical perspective.

ARTS 233 Wood Sculpture (3).  This class examines wood sculpture from both a technical and intuitive perspective.  Students are taught woodworking skills and are then encouraged to use these skills to discover their creative potential.

ARTS 290 Special Topics:  Intro to Social Practice (3).  MAYMESTER.  This course is a special topic, beginning level studio course that introduces students to the burgeoning genre of socially engaged art, or social practice art – art that seeks to bring about positive change within communities that are confronted with complex social issues.  This course will engage students in a way of art making that uses the social as its material, and as such, directly engages students in social issues through collaboration and dialogue.  Students will generate their own projects through fieldwork, site-specific research while using a broad range of useful skills and contemporary visual aesthetics.  This project will engage students in civil discourse around pressing issues of our current moment, and allow a space for critical and productive dialogue across differences.

ARTS 313 Intermediate Ceramic Sculpture (1-6). Prerequisite, ARTS 213. Continuation of ARTS 213.

ARTS 413 Advanced Ceramic Sculpture (1-6).  Prerequisite, ARTS 313.  Permission of the instructor for students lacking the prerequisite.  Continuation of ARTS 313.  May be repeated for credit.



ARTH 155 African Art Survey (3).  A selective survey of sub-Saharan African art (sculpture, painting, architecture, performance, personal decoration) in myriad social contexts (ceremony, politics, royalty, domestic arenas, cross-cultural exchanges, colonialism, postcolonialism, the international art world).

ARTH 290 Special Topics:  Digital Humanities:  Exploring Early Modern Europe (3).  This course will explore the visual culture of Early Europe thematically through digital methods.  The primary aim of the course will be for students to gain an introduction to the art and architecture of Early Modern Europe alongside an exploration of digital humanities theories and applications.  Notably, this course will develop students’ familiarity with digital tools by considering a new digital platform each week, such as text analysis, digital annotation, storytelling tools and timelines, and three-dimensional diagrams and maps.  The result will be to test these different tools’ ability to help us expand our analysis of the art we are studying and discuss the advantages and pitfalls of digital tools for art historical analysis.  The question will be how can these tools aid an investigation into the historical, social, and political context of the period through works of art and architecture.


All studio classes meet for a double period each day.

ARTS 105 Basic Photography (3). Focusing on creative digital photography, this course provides an introduction to the concepts and techniques of digital imagery and lens-based media.  Includes methods of interpretation, analysis of images, scanning, retouching, color correction, basic composition, and inkjet printing.

ARTS 290 Special Topics:  Intro to Fibers (3).  This course is intended to be both a technical and conceptual introduction to Fibers – exploring both 2D and 3D methods such as patterning, sewing, sculptural crochet and knit, coiling, weaving, beading, and felting. Students will utilize the makerspaces on campus to intertwine handicraft and technological design, and will keep a sketchbook documenting ongoing research in regards to ancient Fibers techniques, contemporary artists, and project visuals.