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WMST 101 Introduction to Women Studies (3).  An interdisciplinary exploration of the intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality in American society and internationally. Topics include: work; sexuality,  gender relations, and images of women in literature, art, and science; and the history of feminist movements. Course readings are drawn from the humanities and the social sciences.

WMST 260 American Women in Sports (EXSS 260) (3).  A broad based perspective of women’s participation in sport including history of participation, physiological differences, and soci-cultural influences including work, politics, family, economics, and gender roles and identity.

WMST 442 Gender, Class, Race and, Mass Media ( MEJO 442) (3). ONLINE. The media  play a critical role in the construction and contestation of ideas about gender, class, and race. Using a range of methods, students will analyze media messages past and present to understand how gender, race, and class influence media production and consumption.


WMST 124 SEX AND GENDER IN SOCIETY (SOCI 124) (3). This course examines social differentation between men and women with attention to the extent, causes, and consequences of sexual inequality, and to changes in sex roles and their impact on interpersonal relations.

WMST 224 Introduction to Gender and Communication (COMM 224) (3). Examines multiple relationships among gender, communication, and culture. Explores how communication creates gender and shapes relationships and how communication reflects, sustains, and alters cultural views of gender.

WMST 275 Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society (PHIL 275) (3). A survey of feminist perspectives on topics such as the meaning of oppression, sexism and racism, sex roles and stereotypes, ideals of female beauty, women in the workplace, pornography, rape.