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PLCY 101 Making Public Policy (PWAD 101) (3). MAYMESTER. Overview of the policy-making process and of major public policy issues.  Study of policy and political challenges in areas such as economic and tax policy, the social safety net, income support and the minimum wage, health care, education, environment and energy, foreign policy and national security, and homeland security.

PLCY 210 Policy Innovation and Analysis (3).  MAYMESTER. There is a need to define innovative solutions to public policy problems, to provide analysis of different alternatives, and to create a course of action that would benefit the largest number of stakeholders. This course focuses on the process of constructing, evaluating, and deciding among alternatives based on their ability to satisfy society’s goals.

PLCY 220 The Politics of Public Policy (PWAD 220) (3). Examines approaches to American politics and public policy and analyzes why government responds to problems in predictable ways.


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