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AAAD 201 The Literature of Africa (3). MAYMESTER. An introduction to African literature.  In addition to substantive themes, we will identify major stylistic characteristics of modern African literature with particular attention to the ways in which African language, literature, and traditional values have affected modern writing. Course flyer.

AAAD 231 African American History since 1865 (3). This course focuses on the African American experience in the U.S. since emancipation.

AAAD 250 The African American in Motion Pictures: 1900 to the Present (3). This course will analyze the role of the African American in motion pictures, explore the development of stereotypical portrayals, and investigate the efforts of African American actors and actresses to overcome these portrayals.

AAAD 298 Blacks in Britain and British North America to 1833 (3). This course looks at blacks in the British world to 1833, with particular attention on the 13 colonies and the lands that would eventually form the Dominion of Canada.


AAAD 101 Introduction to Africa (3). Introduction to the study of the African continent, its peoples, history, and contemporary problems of development in a globalized world, including a survey of the African past, society and culture, and contemporary political, economic, and social issues. ***Canceled***

AAAD 130 Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies (3). The course tracks the contours of life, societies, cultures, and history in the Atlantic African Diaspora from origins in Atlantic Africa to the present.  Emphasis on forces that have created African American and African Diaspora peoples in North America, South America, and the Caribbean. ***Cancelled***