Q: Am I required to submit a residency application for tuition purposes?
A: Yes. All new graduate summer visitors and returning graduate summer visitors are required to complete residency information within your admission application.  We may need additional information about your residency before we can determine your residency status.  If your residency status is considered “undetermined”, you will be required to fill out an additional Application for North Carolina Residency and Tuition status form.  The link to the application will be in your email notification and/or your To Do List in Connect Carolina.  Deadlines apply and are strictly enforced. There are no exceptions to this rule.  Maymester/ Summer Session I-May 31, 2017 and Summer Session II-July 10, 2017

Q: What if I was able to pay the in-state tuition and I never turned in the application?
A: You may be able to pay the in-state tuition online. However, if you have not turned in your residency application to the Summer School office, you are still considered a non-resident for tuition purposes and will be responsible for additional payment. If you are past the deadline, you will be responsible for the additional tuition and you will be unable to turn in the residency application. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Q: Can I turn the residency application in to another office on campus?|
A: No. If you apply as a graduate summer visitor, the form needs to be returned to the Summer School office to Erin Moseley. If you have any questions contact our office at 919-966-4364 or email summer_school@unc.edu

Q: Do I need to fill our this application if I have lived in North Carolina all of my life but attend a university/college in another state or attend a North Carolina university other than University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?
A: Yes. Under state law, all graduate applicants are required to submit a residency application. You will be considered a non-resident and will be required to pay out-of-state tuition until an application is received by the deadline in the Summer School office.

Q: What if I was classified as a North Carolina resident at another university/college located in the North Carolina?
A: That does not apply as a graduate summer visitor to UNC-Chapel Hill. You are still required to submit a residency application to Summer School by the deadline.

Q: What if I am unsure if I qualify?
A: Before applying for in-state resident status, we strongly recommend that you also carefully review the North Carolina State Residence Classification Manual.

Q: What are the deadlines?
A: Maymester and First Summer Session- May 31, 2017
Second Summer Session- July 10, 2017

Q: Where do I turn in the application?
A: You have a few options:
You can mail the form to:
Summer School
134 Franklin Street, CB# 3340
Chapel Hill NC 27599-3340

Stop by the Summer School office.
134 Franklin Street, Suite 200
Chapel Hill NC 27599
Our office hours to drop off forms are 8:30 am – 4:00 pm.

You can also scan the form via email to Erin Moseley at Erin_Moseley@unc.edu