Rates for Summer 2018 

Rates are for each summer session per credit hour, or any partial thereof (round upward) with no maximum, unless otherwise noted. [Example: If you are a North Carolina resident, undergraduate student enrolled for 3 credit hours, your charge would be 3 x $ 250 = $750]

Academic Affairs Rates Per Session 2018

(Includes Arts & Sciences, Business, Continuing Studies, Education, General College, Journalism, Law, Library Science, Social Work and Summer Visitors).

Rates are per credit hour. See the “Notes” section of Cashier Accounts and Payments for further rates/payment information. Comprehensive rates and payment information are available through UNC Student Account Services.

Resident Non-Resident
Undergraduate 2018 $250 $655
Graduate 2018  $280 $555
  • School of Law
$385 $715
 For additional rate information: UNC Student Account Services