Visiting students enrolled in summer courses are not eligible for financial aid from UNC-Chapel Hill. Check with your home institution for potential assistance.

New or continuing students in good academic standing in a program leading to a degree from UNC-Chapel Hill may be eligible for financial aid during the summer. Contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, CB# 2300, 111 Pettigrew Hall, (919) 962-8396, or online:

UNC Office of Scholarships & Student Aid – Summer Financial Aid

Eligibility for assistance is determined according to national standards that measure the amount you and your family should be able to pay for your Summer School costs. Loans are usually available. To receive a federal direct loan, students must be enrolled for at least 2.0 hours each term for which aid is requested.

NOTE: If you drop a class before the summer census date or withdraw from all classes and receive financial aid, a portion of that aid may be required to be cancelled. The amount of financial aid cancelled may result in you owing funds to the University. Please refer to the information included with your award notice email.

Financial assistance for summer graduation

Planning to graduate in the summer or thinking about it? You could be eligible for financial assistance through the summer degree completion program, a partnership with Academic Advising, Scholarships and Student Aid, and The Summer School. This successful program has been in effect for five years and provides an opportunity for more students to graduate in August.

Funding is limited, and available funds will be distributed on a first-apply, first-served basis. The amount awarded will cover your minimum degree requirements for graduation up to a maximum of 9 credit hours at either the resident or nonresident rate.

You become eligible for funding when you apply for summer graduation and enroll in all remaining degree requirements. The summer graduation application will be available starting March 19. You will receive a communication in ConnectCarolina from the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid when the award for degree completion funds has been made.

For directions on how to apply for graduation, go to: