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Public Policy

Abernethy Hall, CB# 3435
(919) 962-1600

First Session, 2022

PLCY 210 Policy Innovation and Analysis (3)

There is a need to define innovative solutions to public policy problems, to provide analysis of different alternatives, and to create a plan that would benefit the largest number of stakeholders. This course focuses on the process of constructing, evaluating, and deciding among alternatives based on their ability to satisfy society’s goals.

PLCY 330 Internal and Interpersonal Conflict Management (PWAD 330) (3)

This course aims to provide students with the tools necessary to most effectively engage in interpersonal conflicts. Students engage with diverse conflict management practitioners–from formally incarcerated individuals to public policy negotiation to international conflict mediators and role-play cross-cultural communication, inter-governmental negotiations, human rights, and workplace negotiations. Students will learn new negotiation and mediation skills, build upon existing ones, and learn how to cope with stress, discomfort, and emotions when in conflict. Late afternoon/evening. Course Flyer.

PLCY 460 Quantitative Analysis for Public Policy (4)

Application of statistical techniques, including regression analysis, in public policy program evaluation, research design, and data collection and management. Late afternoon/evening.

Second Session, 2022

PLCY 581 Research Design for Public Policy (3)

Students will explore the scientific method as applied to policy research. They will formulate testable policy research questions, become familiar with methods for conducting policy research, and learn to think critically about causal inference.

PLCY 805 Public Policy Workshop (1)

For graduate students in Public Policy Analysis who are undertaking team projects under faculty supervision. Projects vary from year to year. All will relate to public policy and will involve interaction with real clients. The intent is to provide students with an opportunity to apply theory and techniques of policy analysis in actual problem situations.