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Political Science

Hamilton Hall, CB# 3265
(919) 843-3922

First Session, 2024

POLI 100 American Democracy in Changing Times (3)

Summer Session I. Why do Americans love democracy, but hate politics? Why are there only two political parties? Why do voters hate, yet respond to negative campaigning? This course will introduce students to politics in the United States, addressing these and many more questions about how American democracy works.

POLI 204 Introduction to Southern Politics (3)

MAYMESTER. This course examines the politics of the American South. Each state is studied separately, and we examine the region from a broad/general perspective. Both academic books and journal articles are read. By the end of the course, students should be familiar with historical and contemporary politics in the South.

POLI 271 Modern Political Thought (3)

MAYMESTER. Survey course designed to introduce students to major political thinkers and schools of thought dating roughly from the 16th century to the present.

POLI 272 The Ethics of Peace, War, and Defense (PHIL 272) (PWAD 272) (3)

An analysis of ethical issues that arise in peace, war, and defense, e.g., the legitimacy of states, just war theory, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction.

POLI 287 Strategy and International Relations (PWAD 287) (3)

MAYMESTER. Introduction to the study of strategic decision making in international relations, with an emphasis on the application of basic game theoretic models. Incorporates in-class simulations of international relations scenarios.

POLI 290 Special Topics in Political Science (3)

Title: Abolition Theory and Praxis
This course is a deep dive of the study of abolition history, theory, and practice primarily within the United States. During the course, we will grapple with the distinction between carceral abolition and reform, discuss key conceptual frameworks and political battles, explore the relationship between prison abolition and other radical movements, and think deeply about the history and future of abolitionist organizing.

Second Session, 2024

POLI 130 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3)

This course examines the diversity of political arrangements in societies across the globe.

POLI 150 International Relations and Global Politics (PWAD 150) (3)

An introduction to the study of political and economic relations in the international system. Topics covered include international conflict, trade, global finance, international institutions, civil war, and human rights.

POLI 208 Political Parties and Elections (3)

An analysis of the dynamics of party alignment and realignment and of nomination and election to public office in American national government.

POLI 233 Comparative Politics of the Middle East (3)

This course is designed as an introduction to contemporary Middle Eastern politics for advanced undergraduates. To explore this topic, the course combines systematic analytical approaches to big questions with concrete knowledge of events and developments in specific countries. In so doing, it aims to give students a critical understanding of politics while simultaneously building empirical knowledge about the Middle East/North Africa region.