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First Session, 2022

LING 138 Linguistic Anthropology (3) ****Canceled****

An introduction to linguistic anthropology and anthropological linguistics. The course approaches the complex interconnections between language, culture, and cognition; theoretical approaches employed during the past century (structuralism, functionalism, ethnoscience, universalism, linguistic relativity); common case studies (spatial language, colors, classifiers, deixis); verbal art (orality, literacy), linguistic ideology; and ethnolinguistic vitality.

LING 203 Language Acquisition and Development (3)

Prerequisite LING 101. Provides an introduction to first-language acquisition, focusing on the acquisition of phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics, as well as on the social context of language acquisition and issues of atypical language development. Students may not receive credit for both LING 203 and LING 528.

Second Session, 2022

LING 101 Introduction to Language (3)

Introduction to the formal analysis of human language, including sounds, words, sentences, and language meaning, plus child language acquisition, language change over time, social attitudes toward language, and similarities and differences among languages. Other topics may include writing systems, animal communication, and language analysis by computers.

LING 145 Language, Communication, and Human and Animal Minds (PHIL 145) (3)

An examination of the differences between natural human languages and other communication systems. Includes a philosophical inquiry into how languages relate to the world and the mind.

LING 165 Exploring the World’s Languages (3)

Students develop an understanding of and appreciation for the diverse range of human languages across the planet, as well as the uniformity that underlies them. Topics include history, classification, and linguistic properties of the world’s languages.