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104A Smith Building, CB#3155
(919) 962-1192

First Session, 2020

LING 290 Special Topics in Linguistics: Forensic Linguistics (3)

Forensic linguistics is fundamentally how the science of language interfaces with the law: from consulting the courts on interpretation of statutory laws to the analysis of evidence to capture serial killers. This course serves as a survey of the field and will introduce students into the world of the forensic linguist as a scientist, and analyst, and an expert witness.

LING 302 Language and Power (ANTH 302) (WGST 302) (3)

This course provides an overview of language and power studies. Issues: sexist and sex-neutral language; languages of subcultures defined by gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity; hate speech; “politically correct” language.

LING 305 Race against time: Language Revitalization (3)

MAYMESTER. Students are introduced to the causes and contexts of language endangerment and the complex process of language revitalization. Topics to be covered include assessment of endangerment level, language and thought, language attitudes, bilingual education, and language planning. We will also consider a number of case studies of endangered languages.

Second Session, 2020

LING 101 Introduction to Language (3)

Introduction to the formal analysis of human language, including sounds, words, sentences, and language meaning, plus child language acquisition, language change over time, social attitudes toward language, and similarities and differences among languages.  Other topics may include writing systems, animal communication, and language analysis by computers.

LING 290 Special Topics in Linguistics: Introduction to ASL (3)

American Sign Language with emphasis on the development of basic receptive and expressive skills. ASL grammar will be covered to develop rudimentary conversational skills in ASL. Introduction to deaf culture and community.