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Latin American Studies

FedEx Global Education Center, CB# 3205
(919) 962-6879

First Session, 2021

LTAM 291 The Latino Experience in the United States (3) ***Cancelled***

ONLINE. A reading and discussion seminar that will introduce students to topics in the history of Latinos in the United States from the 19th century to the present. Late afternoon. REMOTE ONLY-SYNCHRONOUS.

LTAM 390 Special Topics in Latin American Studies: Latin American Revolutions (3) ***Cancelled***

MAYMESTER. This course will introduce students to the history of Latin American revolutions and social movements dating from the late 18th century to the present. We will explore the contexts in which these struggles took place and take a close look at some of the ways they remain alive and relevant today. This is a interdisciplinary course that will incorporate History, Art History, Literature, Music and popular culture as ways to interrogate and examine the experiences of people involved in resistance, rebellion and social change. Revolutions are made by the convergence of ideas and the actions of ordinary people; it is they who will be the central focus of our course.
In this class, students will become knowledgeable about Latin American history, politics, and culture as well as gain valuable skills, such as communication, writing, and critical analysis of historical documents, works of art, music and literature. Online section also available. REMOTE ONLY-SYNCHRONOUS.

Second Session, 2021

LTAM 101 Introduction to Latin American Studies (3)

ONLINE. A broad interdisciplinary introduction to the field of Latin American studies. Late afternoon. REMOTE ONLY-SYNCHRONOUS.