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First Session, 2022

CLAR 380 Life in Ancient Pompeii (3)

MAYMESTER. In this course we will explore the history and archaeology of Pompeii with the goal of better understanding daily life in the early Roman empire. The course proceeds topically, moving from an exploration of the city’s public spaces to an analysis of more private domains-houses, gardens, and tombs. We will also consider evidence from ancient literature and epigraphy. Students may not receive credit for both CLAR 380 and CLAS 73.

CLAS 121 The Greeks (3)

ONLINE Introduction to the history, literature, religion, philosophy, science, art and architecture of Greece from Homer to Alexander the Great. Emphasis on primary sources.

CLAS 263 Athletics in the Greek and Roman World (3)

Study of athletics as a unifying force in ancient society, emphasizing the Olympic Games and other religious festivals. Consideration of athletic professionalism, propaganda, and social trends using literary and archaeological sources.

Second Session, 2022

CLAR 247 Roman Archaeology (ARTH 247) (3)

This course explores the archaeology of the Roman world between the eighth century BCE and the fifth century CE, focusing on issues of urbanization, trade and consumption, colonization, and the Roman army.

CLAS 126 Medical Word Formation and Etymology (3)

ONLINE. Systematic study of the formation of medical terms from Greek and Latin roots, to build vocabulary and recognition.

CLAS 131 Classical Mythology (3)

ONLINE An introduction to the mythology of the ancient Greek and Roman world. Readings may include selections from Homer, Hesiod, Greek tragedy, and Vergil.