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UNC-Chapel Hill will offer all summer courses in an online format with the exception of courses marked cancelled. Click here for an official statement


212 Murphey Hall, CB# 3145
(919) 962-7191

First Session, 2020

CLAR 242 Archaeology of Egypt (ARTH 242) (3)

MAYMESTER. A survey of the archaeological remains of ancient Egypt, from the earliest settlements of the Neolithic period until the end of the New Kingdom.

CLAS 241 Women in Ancient Rome (WGST 241) (3)

Course examines the life of women in ancient Rome, from the first beginnings of the organized community in Rome through the early Empire, a period of about 900 years. Also explores aspects of the lives of women in provinces governed by Rome.

Second Session, 2020

CLAS 131 Classical Mythology (3)

An introduction to the mythology of the ancient Greek and Roman world. Readings may include selections from Homer, Hesiod, Greek tragedy, and Vergil.

CLAS 263 Athletics in the Greek and Roman World (3)

Study of athletics as a unifying force in ancient society, emphasizing the Olympic Games and other religious festivals. Consideration of athletic professionalism, propaganda, and social trends using literary and archaeological sources.