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Art and Art History

101 Hanes Art Center, CB# 3405
(919) 962-2015

First Session, 2022


ARTH 353 Africa and Masks (3)

MAYMESTER.Examines the production, circulation, and consumption of masks in both African and non-African contexts. Expands, nuances, and sometimes undoes our notions of mask, masquerade, and masking. Online section available

ARTH 551 Introduction to Museum Studies (3)

MAYMESTER. Introduces careers in museum and other cultural institutions. Readings and interactions with museum professionals expose participants to curation, collection management, conservation, exhibition design, administration, publication, educational programming, and fundraising.


NOTEAll studio classes meet for a double period each day.
Courses listed with Variable credit hours normally carry 3.0. Additional credit hours can be arranged only with permission of the instructor.

ARTS 104 Drawing I (3)

Working out of an observational tradition, this course provides an introduction to the concepts and techniques of drawing. Paying attention to both representation and interpretation, the course is designed to develop fundamental skills, aesthetic sensibility, analytical capacity and creative problem-solving in two-dimensional media.

ARTS 213 Ceramic I (3)

An investigation of clay as a medium; developing technical skills, aesthetic awareness, and historical perspective.

ARTS 313 Ceramic II (3)

Continuation of ARTS 213.

ARTS 413 Advanced Ceramic Projects (3)

Continuation of ARTS 313. May be repeated for credit.
Requisites: Prerequisite, ARTS 313; permission of the instructor for students lacking a prerequisite.

Second Session, 2022


ARTH 151 History of Western Art I (3)

ONLINE. This is the first semester of a two-semester survey that is designed to acquaint the beginning student with the historical development of art and with the offerings and instructors of the art history faculty. ARTH 151 covers ancient, medieval, and early Renaissance periods.

ARTH 247 Roman Archaeology (CLAR 247) (3)

This course explores the archaeology of the Roman world between the eighth century BCE and the fifth century CE, focusing on issues of urbanization, trade and consumption, colonization, and the Roman army.

ARTH 250 Objects, Museums, and Meanings (3)

This course explores objects and meaning in the context of museums. How does one “read” an object? What do works of art communicate on their own, and how do a series of decisions – made by individuals and institutions – shape how we understand them? Through museum visits, object-based learning and research, readings, and discussion, this course will consider how objects, and their collection and display, shape our understanding of the world around us. Honors version available.


All studio classes meet for a double period each day.

ARTS 105 Basic Photo (3)

Focusing on creative digital photography, this course provides an introduction to the concepts and techniques to digital imagery and lens-based media. Includes method of interpretation, analysis of images, scanning, retouching, color correction, basic composition, and inkjet printing.

ARTS 106 Video I (3)

This foundation course introduces concepts and techniques of temporal art making. Through projects designed to develop an understanding of the creative language unique to digital media, students will learn various software programs and basic digital strategies to realize time-based works of art. Foundation requirement for studio majors.