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UNC-Chapel Hill will offer all summer courses in an online format with the exception of courses marked cancelled. Click here for an official statement

Art and Art History

101 Hanes Art Center, CB# 3405
(919) 962-2015

First Session, 2020


ARTH 242 Archaeology of Egypt (CLAR 242) (3)

MAYMESTER. A survey of the archaeological remains of ancient Egypt, from the earliest settlements of the Neolithic period until the end of the New Kingdom.

ARTH 285 Art Since 1960 (3)

This course will explore major trends in Western art since 1960.  It focuses on key contemporary movements and their relations to social, cultural, and political contexts. ***Canceled***

ARTH 488 Contemporary African Art (AAAD 405) (3)

Prerequisite, AAAD 101 or ARTH 152 or 155.  Permission of the instructor of students lacking the prerequisite.  Examines modern and contemporary Art (1940s to the present) for Africans on the continent and abroad.  Examines tradition, cultural heritage, colonialism, postcolonialism, local versus global, nationalism, gender, identity, diaspora.

ARTH 551 Introduction to Museum Studies (3)

MAYMESTER. Introduces careers in museum and other cultural institutions. Readings and interactions with museum professionals expose participants to curation, collection management, conservation, exhibition design, administration, publication, educational programming, and fundraising.

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NOTEAll studio classes meet for a double period each day.

Courses listed with Variable credit hours normally carry 3.0. Additional credit hours can be arranged only with permission of the instructor.

ARTS 103 Core Concepts: Space (3)

Studio course introduces concepts and strategies of working in three dimensions.  Project-based coursework develops understanding of ideation process and creative problem solving.  Ideas about sculpture are further expanded by considering works by contemporary artists.  Students develop aesthetic sensibility, analytical capacity, and fundamental skills in sculptural media.  Foundation requirement for studio majors.

ARTS 105 Basic Photography (3)

Focusing on creative digital photography, this course provides an introduction to the concepts and techniques of digital imagery and lens-based media.  Includes methods of interpretation, analysis of images, scanning, retouching, color correction, basic composition, and inkjet printing.

ARTS 132 Collage: Strategies for Thinking and Making (3)

MAYMESTER. Collage is both an artistic technique and a way of thinking. Even though its historical roots stem from the early 20th century, it is an image-construction strategy that is almost ubiquitous today. Using a variety of conceptual and media approaches, this course explores strategies of collage in contemporary studio practice.

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Second Session, 2020


ARTH 151 History of Western Art I (3)

This is the first semester of a two-semester survey that is designed to acquaint the beginning student with the historical development of art and with the offerings and instructors of the art history faculty.  ARTH 151 covers ancient, medieval, and early Renaissance periods.


All studio classes meet for a double period each day.

ARTS 104 Basic Drawing and Composition (3)

Working out of an observational tradition, this course provides an introduction to the concepts and techniques of drawing.  Paying attention to both representation and interpretation, the course is designed to develop fundamental skills, aesthetic sensibility, analytical capacity, and creative problem solving in two-dimensional media.

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