2018 Student Account Information

Tuition and fees depend on student classification and the number of credit hours of enrollment. To determine the precise cost, consult the tuition and fee schedule online at cashier.unc.edu and pay special attention to Notes 1-5 below.

Accounts Due – North Carolina law states that if you have an unpaid account for the spring semester or previous semesters you cannot enroll for any summer session until the account has been paid in full. The University will not under any circumstances make adjustments to or waive payment of tuition and fees in violation of this or other legal statutes.

Summer Billing – Summer I – Billing for Maymester/Summer I will be either April 16 or May 1, 2018, depending upon when you register for Maymester/Summer I, and the due date will be May 8, 2018.  Students who need to register after May 1st will have to pre-pay tuition and fees in order to register for courses in Maymester/Summer I.

Summer II – Billing for Summer II will be either May 18 or June 5, 2018, depending upon when you register, and the due date will be June 12, 2018.  Students who need to register after June 5th will have to pre-pay tuition and fees in order to register for courses in Summer II.

Payment Deadlines – To hold your early registration, please make your payment or deferment request by the due date. To defer payment based on pending financial aid, please complete a deferment request in the ConnectCarolina Student Center by the due date. Otherwise your registration may be CANCELLED, and you will need to pre-pay and register again.  Payment plans are not available during summer terms.

Pre-payment – Students registering for Summer I after May 1, 2018 are required to pre-pay. Students registering after June 5, 2018, for Summer II are required to pre-pay. If you need assistance figuring out how much to pre-pay, please contact the Cashier’s Office at cashier@unc.edu or (919) 962-1368. To be cleared for registration, submit IN ADVANCE your payment and/or documentation from the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid showing eligibility for financial aid.

Drops & Withdrawals – Please be aware that the time frame for refunds is shorter in the summer. This is because Summer School is self-supporting and relies on tuition revenues to pay instructors. Once the session starts, it quickly becomes too late to cancel a class due to a reduction in enrollment. Below is the refund schedule for summer:

  • Class dropped BEFORE the first day of the session: 100% credit of tuition and fees
  • Class dropped within the first THREE days of the session: 75% credit of tuition and fees
  • Class dropped on or AFTER the fourth day of the session: NO CREDIT of tuition and fees

Please understand that you will be financially responsible for the tuition and fees based on the above schedule, without regard to the reason why you are dropping the class.

Tuition Waiver – The employee tuition waiver policy for UNC-Chapel Hill employees permits one summer session course per academic year which is counted toward the overall three course limit per academic year. Employees of other UNC System campuses or UNC Health Care may not use the tuition waiver for classes offered by Summer School.

For additional information, please refer to the University’s Tuition Waiver policy on the UNC- Chapel Hill Office of Human Resources website at http://hr.unc.edu using the search keyword “tuition waiver.” For questions regarding this policy, contact Benefits and Employee Services at (919) 962-3071 or email benefits@unc.edu

Warning for “No-Shows.” If you registered at any time, but changed your mind about attending, it is your responsibility to inform the Registrar that you wish to cancel your registration before the beginning of the session for the class. Otherwise, you are liable for any charges due and remain on grade rolls.


Information on payment options are available from the Cashier’s Office: http://cashier.unc.edu


  1. If you have received a baccalaureate degree, you must use the graduate student classification regardless of the level of courses you take.
  2. If you wait to register on or after the first day of classes, you are charged a $20 late registration fee.
  3. The fee for returned checks/ACH payments is $25.
  4. If you are a UNC Hospital employee or the spouse of such employee, you may qualify for a fee waiver. You must submit a Request for Waiver of Student Fees to the Cashier by the first day of classes. Please be aware that waiver of student fees forfeits the privileges provided by these fees (e.g., Student Health Service, gym privileges).
  5. In addition to the above charges, designated program course fees may be charged. See program fees at the bottom of the tuition table.