UNC-Chapel Hill students who attend Summer School should see their academic advisers on campus if they have questions about courses, drop or withdrawal deadlines, attendance, or other issues related to classes. Visiting students should contact the Summer School office by email summer_school@unc.edu or phone 919-966-4364

Eligibility to register. To register, you cannot have any financial or negative service indicators. If one exists, the system identifies the office to contact to clear you for registration.

Adding or dropping courses. There are deadlines and restrictions on changing your course load. Refer to the information on drop and withdraw, and deadline dates under “Deadlines to Cancel, Drop and Withdraw.“ Note: If you fail to attend both of the first two class meetings, you are subject to being dropped from the class at the discretion of the teaching department.

After the second day of classes, undergraduate and graduate students are required to have their school dean’s signature when registering for the first time or making any course additions. Deans will approve registration or course additions after this date only for truly exceptional circumstances.

Deadlines and restrictions apply to changing your course load. Refer to the information on drop and withdraw, and deadline dates. You may use the system to add a course through the second day of classes in each session. You may use the system to drop a course through the second day of classes as long as you remain registered for at least one course. You may not use the system to reduce your course load to zero credit hours; instead you have to withdraw. See “Deadlines to Cancel, Drop and Withdraw” for drop and withdraw deadlines.

To add a course after the second day of classes, (and only under exceptional circumstances) or to reduce your course load to zero hours (i.e., to withdraw from the session), contact your academic dean. Complete the appropriate form with all required signatures and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

Course restrictions. The ADD function also identifies any course restrictions specific to the course section that you are requesting. Academic departments may restrict course sections by student classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, etc), major, school, or any combination of the above. If you are not eligible to register for a course section, the system does not permit you to add it. Contact the teaching department for approval to have a course added.

Transcripts. Official transcripts can be ordered online via the following link to the University Registrar’s Transcript Services web page. The page provides comprehensive ordering procedure and contact information. If you have further questions or concerns following review of their web page, the Transcript Services Team may also be directly reached via email at transcript@unc.edu or by phone at (919) 962-9851.

Veterans educational benefits. Students who expect  to use veterans educational benefits should register and then visit the University Registrar’s Veteran Affairs GI Bill Educational Benefits web page for next steps.Confirmation of enrollment.  If you are registered in a summer session and require an enrollment certification be sent to an organization or agency requiring proof of enrollment, please send an email requesting this documentation from your UNC-CH email address to registrationservices@unc.edu.  Please note that we send enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse at the beginning of the term.

Pass/Fail. By action of the Faculty Council, Pass/Fail is not an option during the summer, except when a course is regularly offered only on a pass/fail basis.

Medical withdrawal. Contact Campus Health Services if you wish to withdraw for reasons of illness, whether you received treatment there or elsewhere. Only the Director of Campus Health Services can authorize a medical withdrawal. The medical withdrawal is noted on your record without grades and without a semester in residence.

Academic withdrawal. If you decide to withdraw from the University for reasons other than illness, go to ConnectCarolina and log into your student center with your ONYEN. The withdrawal policy and instructions can be found at “Withdrawal and Cancellations.” If you have any questions concerning the e-form or the withdrawal process, contact our office at summer_school@unc.edu.

Cancelling Your Registration. If you registered for classes, but changed your mind and do not want to attend a summer session, it is your responsibility to make sure that your registration is cancelled. If you cancel, you have no registration (no entry is made on your permanent academic record, no tuition and fees are charged, and no grades or credit are issued).

To cancel your registration prior to the term starting, contact the Office of the University Registrar at registrationservices@unc.edu.  In your email, include your name, PID, a statement that you want to cancel your registration, and include the specific term(s) that you want to cancel.

WARNING: If you do not cancel, your registration remains on your record; you will be billed and will receive a failing grade.

The last date to cancel is the day before the first day of class:

May 12, 2015 -First Session

June 19, 2015 -Second Session

Contact your Dean’s office for more information about processing your cancellation.

After the first day of classes, cancellations are not an option. If you do not plan to attend, you must withdraw. Contact your Dean’s office.

WARNING: If you do not plan to attend, and you did not cancel by the first day of class, you must withdraw. A portion of your tuition is not refunded.

Tuition and Fees: If you have already paid tuition and fees, the Cashier will credit your account. To request a refund, contact the Cashier’s Office, 2215 SASB North, CB#1400 (962-1368).

For more information on Deadlines, see the Summer 2015 Calendar

Inter-Institutional Registration. If you are a student currently enrolled in a degree program at North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Greensboro, or Duke University, and are registered at your home institution during a summer session, you may qualify to register at UNC-Chapel Hill through the inter-institutional program during the same session if space is available and you obtain the approval of your home institution (department, Dean, and Registrar). Please follow-up with your home institution to inquire if the inter-institutional program will work for you.

If you are a UNC-Chapel Hill full-time, degree-seeking student and are enrolled in at least three credit hours at UNC-Chapel Hill, you may qualify to register for a three-credit hour course in the same summer session at North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Greensboro, or Duke University and pay the tuition at UNC-Chapel Hill. Graduate and undergraduate students may obtain the Inter-Institutional Approval Form from the UNC Registrar’s Office Inter-Institutional website. After completing the inter-institutional approval form (with appropriate signatures of approval), please return the form to the Registrar’s Office, which will process the request and forward it to the appropriate institution.

Summer Graduation.  The University confers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in August. Though graduation activities are not held in the summer, August graduates are listed in the December Commencement Program and are invited to participate in the December graduation ceremony. If you plan to complete your degree requirements during the summer term and wish to graduate in August, you must apply for graduation through your ConnectCarolina account. Please visit the Registrar’s website for specific information about graduation and diplomas.