IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to drop a course from your schedule, you must be registered for at least one remaining course. If you wish to cancel ALL of your classes once Summer School begins, you must follow directions for withdrawal from the university.

To withdraw, go to ConnectCarolina and log in to your student center with your Onyen. The withdrawal policy and instructions can be found at  Withdrawals & Cancellations. To make an informed decision, carefully read the withdrawal policy before you decide to withdraw.  This form should ONLY be used to cancel your only or ALL classes after attending at least one class. If you did NOT attend any classes, do not withdraw, contact Summer School at

********Dates TBD********

Deadline Maymester First Session Second Session
Last day to cancel registration. (No tuition or fees charged.) May 12 May 12 June 18
Last day to drop a course for credit on account – partial refund. May 15 May 15 June 23
Last day for undergraduates to drop a course (with at least 1 credit remaining). No refund May 20 May 29 July 7
Last day for graduates to drop a course (with at least 1 credit remaining). No refund. May 27 June 5 July 15
Last day to withdraw from all courses. No refund. May 28 June 12 July 21

Financial Penalties

Please be aware that the time frame for refunds is shorter in the summer. This is because Summer School is self-supporting and relies on tuition revenues to pay instructors. Once the session starts, it quickly becomes too late to cancel a class due to a reduction in enrollment. Below is the refund schedule for summer:

• Class dropped BEFORE the first day of the session: 100% credit of tuition and fees

• Class dropped within the first THREE days of the session: 75% credit of tuition and fees

• Class dropped on or AFTER the fourth day of the session: NO CREDIT of tuition and fees

Please understand that you will be financially responsible for the tuition and fees based on the above schedule, without regard to the reason why you are dropping the class.