Applying for Summer School as a Summer Visiting Student

 A Summer Visiting Student is:

  • a current student at another college or university,
  • an applicant with at least an associate’s degree,
  • high school students who will finish their junior year prior to Summer School,
  • anyone who is not enrolled or accepted in a degree program at UNC-Chapel Hill during the prior spring semester, or
  • any former UNC-Chapel Hill student who only wishes to take summer courses of interest without seeking readmission or earning a degree here.

As a Visiting Student:

You are applying for summer only, not to continue into the fall.

Students admitted to Summer School may register for a maximum course load of eight credit hours per session. All course work carries degree credit and becomes a permanent record at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Summer visitors are classified as non-degree seeking.

Transfer Credit. If you wish to transfer UNC-Chapel Hill academic credit, obtain written approval from the dean or adviser at your home institution prior to your summer registration at UNC-Chapel Hill. Such approval is for your protection only; it is not required by Summer School at UNC-Chapel Hill, which cannot approve credits for transfer. You must request a transcript from the University Registrar to have grades sent to your home institution.

Undergraduates Graduating In Spring 2016 and Any Applicant Holding At Least a Bachelor’s Degree:

When applying, indicate that “I hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree.” You cannot apply as an undergraduate. If you will be graduating this spring, you are no longer considered an undergraduate and must apply accordingly.

Do Not Complete This Application If:

  • you are currently enrolled at UNC-Chapel Hill, or
  • you previously were enrolled at UNC-Chapel Hill but did not graduate and want to earn more credit toward your degree; (you must reapply for summer admission through your regular admitting office), or
  • you have been enrolled through Part-time Classroom Studies.

How to Apply as a Summer Visitor

The 2016 summer visitor online application opens Monday, February 1.

To start your application, you must have a UNC ONYEN or Guest ID. If you do not have a UNC ONYEN, create a Guest ID account here. Log-in using your Guest ID* or UNC ONYEN to the application. Select “Summer School Visitor” (not to continue into fall) as the level of study.

Be sure to provide a VALID email address. Decision notifications along with important deadlines begin in March and are sent via email. A residency application will be included in your decision notification. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

If you have a Guest ID account but have forgotten your password, call UNC IT Support at 919.962.HELP to reset your password. Summer School cannot.

The Guest ID is a temporary guest login used to begin your application. If you have a UNC-CH ONYEN, login using your ONYEN and do not create a Guest ID. Please contact UNC IT Support at 919.962.HELP if you do not remember your ONYEN and/or require assistance with ONYEN password reset.

Visiting student applicants should be qualified to compete with highly selective students at the college level as evidenced by a degree already obtained, recent university studies, or current good standing in a degree program at another college or university.

To be considered, undergraduate applicants must have at least a 2.0 GPA at their current college or university. Admission as a visiting student terminates at the end of Second Session. If you later become a regular UNC-Chapel Hill student, be aware that grades and credit hours received as a UNC-Chapel Hill summer visitor are included on your UNC-Chapel Hill transcript.

Deadlines for Summer Visitor Application

First Session

March 1            International (application, $50 fee and documents are to be                                received by this date).
May 2                 Rising high school seniors
May 9                All other summer visitors

Second Session

March 1              International (application, $50 fee and documents are to be                                received by this date).
June 13              Rising high school seniors
June 16              All other summer visitors

North Carolina Resident for Tuition Purposes

By default, all applicants are initially classified as non-residents of North Carolina for tuition purposes. If you claim to be a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes in the summer visitor online application, a residency application will be provided in your admission decision packet that will be mailed to you. The completed residency application must be returned to Summer School by the deadline below to provide us with information needed to evaluate your claim.

Deadlines apply and are strictly enforced. Deadlines for Summer 2016 are:

Maymester/First Session              May 24, 2016

Second Session                                July 1, 2016

Failure to meet these deadlines and/or failure to submit the residency application will result in the applicant being classified and charged as a non-resident of North Carolina for tuition purposes.

Visit UNC Registrar’s Residency webpage for information on North Carolina residency for tuition purposes, residency applications, and the North Carolina Residency Manual.

Enrolling During the Summer

UNC-Chapel Hill students.  If enrolled this spring: Do not apply. You are automatically eligible to register. Use your ONYEN and password to access ConnectCarolina starting on the date and time of your summer registration appointment. If you graduate in May immediately prior to this summer, you must apply to Summer School as a visiting student.

Former UNC-Chapel Hill students returning without a degree: If you no longer intend to receive a bachelor’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, you may attend Summer School as a visitor. If you wish to take a Summer School course and apply the credit toward the completion of a degree at UNC-Chapel Hill, you must readmit through Undergraduate Admissions. If you are a former graduate student and have not completed a degree, contact the Dean of the Graduate School, CB# 4010, Bynum Hall (919-966-2611).

First-year, Transfer, and Graduate students:  If you have been accepted to UNC-Chapel Hill as a first-year or transfer student for the upcoming fall and wish to attend Summer School, contact Undergraduate Admissions, CB# 2200, Jackson Hall (919-966-3621) to change your date of admission to begin First Session or Second Session. If you are beginning a graduate degree program this summer or fall, contact the Graduate School, CB# 4010, Bynum Hall (919-966-2611).

Part-time Classroom Studies students enrolled this spring or newly admitted: Contact Part-time Classroom Studies at the Friday Center, CB# 1020 (919-962-1134) to take summer classes.

High school students: By policy set by the Summer School Administrative Board, only honor roll students who have completed their junior year of high school may apply to Summer School as a visiting student. The following are required for high schools:

1. an up-to-date transcript,

2. a personal statement to the Dean of Summer School stating the purpose for taking the specific course (s) that you identify by number and name, the reason for taking it at UNC-Chapel Hill rather than elsewhere, and the future expectation for enhanced educational opportunity that would result,

3. a letter of recommendation from the most appropriate teacher or principal, headmaster, or counselor confirming your preparation and ability to take this particular course(s), and

4. a statement that you will be living with parents or legal guardians while you are attending Summer School (rising high school seniors over 16 years of age are exempt from this requirement).

Attending Summer School at UNC-Chapel Hill may not affect your chances for admission at the college of your choice, but you will experience college life firsthand and be exposed to the level of performance and competition expected in college courses. Be aware that UNC-Chapel Hill offers no courses specifically for high school students. The grades and credit hours that you earn are recorded on a UNC-Chapel Hill transcript and become part of your permanent UNC-Chapel Hill record.

Reminder: High school students who are admitted and enrolled in a course will receive course credit and create a UNC Chapel Hill transcript. If you are interested in auditing a course which would not require admission and would not earn any credit, please contact the Summer School office for instructions to audit.

By policy set by the Summer School Administrative Board, international high school students cannot be considered for admission.

High school students who enroll in and attend Summer School courses will be on a college campus where they will interact with many other individuals as part of coursework and related activities. Part of those interactions will be in class or in labs or other situations. As part of coming to a large university, high school students (and perhaps their parents) should have conversations about keeping safe while on campus. Information to promote those conversations can be found at Students should always discuss any issues with parents/guardians and/or the dean of Summer School. If an incident does occur, go to for reporting options.

International applicants: Early deadlines apply for international applicants so that time is allowed to process financial and other information for the visa.

International students who are part of the visiting student program or exchange program should make initial contact with the UNC Study Abroad Office.

A $50 application fee is required.

A TOEFL or IELTS score is required if English is not the student’s first language. An exception can be made by the Dean of Summer School.  Please be aware that all UNC courses (other than foreign languages) are taught in English and require a high degree of proficiency in both written and spoken English.

An updated Financial Certificate and accompanying documentation showing appropriate financial support for your course of study are required. The certificate, sent after your application is received by Summer School Office, will be due in early April.

International students pay the same tuition as out-of-state students.

By policy set by the Summer School Administrative Board, international high school students cannot be considered for admission.

Teacher licensure and others: Candidates who are renewing an existing teaching license should apply through Summer School as visiting students. Post-baccalaureate students seeking initial teacher licensure or licensed teachers qualifying for additional licensure areas should consult the Teacher Education Office, School of Education, 103 Peabody Hall, telephone 919-966-1346; an officer in the Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh; or the equivalent department of the state in which licensure is being sought. Others who wish to attend the University during the summer should contact Summer School.

Medical clearance: Visiting summer students at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are allowed to register and will not be penalized for failure to meet the state-mandated pre-matriculation immunization requirements for full-time students.

This change of policy is supported by an interpretation of the law by a consultant with the Immunization Services Division of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health. Visiting summer students are advised that it is always prudent to be adequately protected from diseases that are preventable with available vaccines. For your information, the vaccines required for matriculating students in the State of North Carolina include DPT (Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis within the last 10 years), Polio, and MMR (Mumps, Measles Rubeola, and Rubella). In addition, the following vaccines are recommended: Hepatitis B series, Varicella (chicken pox), Meningococcal Meningitis, and a test for tuberculosis if coming from a country with high prevalence of disease. For your convenience, these vaccines are available at  Campus Health Services by calling 919-966-2281 for an appointment. Costs are at or below community rates.